Overproduction is a major problem in the fashion industry and occurs because the industry is not in sync with the market needs. Many garments produced lose value, create unnecessary waste, use of resources and affects profitability.

It is crucial to profitability to reduce overproduction of garments and it is crucial to the environment.

Most brands and retailers feel product development is too slow and production lead times are too long. They face difficulties wanting to do small production runs to test garments & concepts in stores quickly before committing to volume.

At Win-Win Textiles in PORTUGAL, we have developed a concept for garments in circular knits to reduce these challenges. We are pleased to offer brands and retailers:

– developments & prototyping in new fabrics and colours: lead time of 3 weeks
– test runs from 100 units/style and 50 units/colour; designed to test styles in your web store or select retail stores: lead time of 4 weeks
– repeat of successful test styles with same specifications: lead time of 3 weeks +1 week for new specifications.

Our manufacturing partners have a big and diverse yarn stock allowing to react quickly. We are not limited to basic fabrics and have a wide selection of machinery available. This concept includes our nice range of organic cotton fabrics.

Please contact us to discuss conditions and how we can help your brand react faster to your needs.

Production is OEKO-TEX certified with high social standards, health & safety.