We believe in Win-Win relationships; that personal integrity is the creator of trust, which forms the basis of any development. This – in combination with the thought that there is enough for all – creates the character and transparency we seek in all relations.


Win Win Textiles Who We Are

It is the vision of Win-Win Textiles to move away from being a sourcing agent towards becoming a fully transparent production interface for brands, who want to source responsibly and reduce their environmental and social impact with methods rooted in the SDGs. We wish to add services, which help apparel and footwear brands reduce resources invested in supply chain management and compliance.


It is our mission to function as an integrated part of our customers’ buying organisations.

The main purpose of our sourcing services is to commit ourselves, our manufacturing partners and our customer brands to responsible sourcing, optimizing the recycling of materials, the reduction of waste and use of resources for the sake of our environment, social conditions for workers, society and future generations.

We seek autonomy in decision processes; we are the eyes of our customers and offer fast and secure processes, which guarantee continuous improvement of quality within:

Research, Design & Product Development

Substantial creative input designed for your brand – get your own local product developer

Sourcing, Technical Assistance & Consulting

Well-tested network of manufacturers, high-level experience, sustainable sourcing

Communication, Tracking & Schedule Sharing

Concise and timely communication, WIP tracking and full insight for our customers


Fabric Sourcing in Switzerland 1951

Fabric Sourcing in Switzerland 1951

Danish Head Office 1959

Danish Head Office 1959

Win-Win Textiles was founded in 1957 by Mr Henrik Gøtterup as an apparel sourcing company, servicing Scandinavian brands within production in Asia. We have sourced production in Portugal since the early 1970s and have over the years built a strong and well-tested network of manufacturing partners in the three countries in which we have concentrated sourcing today: Portugal, India & Peru.
Our experienced staff plays an important role in supporting our customers’ organisations with technical assistance in relation to fabric development, choice of materials, sewing techniques and production planning.
Win-Win Textiles secures a transparent and compliant supply chain based on responsible sourcing methods and a balance between social conditions, minimal environmental impact and financial sustainability for all parties involved.