Below you can read about our 4 service concepts and how we can adapt these to your needs with great flexibility. You can ask for a quote under each tab.

This is our most comprehensive service concept and the most popular with our customers. We define a commission % paid by the brand or included in the manufacturing prices. We would be pleased to discuss this with your brand.Win-Win Textiles designs the sourcing services after a deep analysis of the brand positioning, competitive situation, strategy, sustainability efforts and the vision of the brand. We recommend the ideal manufacturers in view of price, speed, quality level, product categories and production volume.

A product developer and a merchandiser will be assigned to your account, and you can meet them under Contact & Meet Us. This team will ensure that there is a constant focus on the work you decide to place with Win-Win Textiles. The assigned staff work as your office in the production country, and they represent your eyes and will specialise in your needs.

Before you start designing your next collection, we shall give you comprehensive creative input, recommend sustainable solutions and propose materials and processing methods. You will get local assistance on product development as we supervise the development and approval process, do order negotiation on your behalf and include the inspection of goods as stated under the inspection tab.

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Win-Win Textiles offers design services to brands and manufacturers, who either need an extra hand occasionally or who would like to outsource part of or the entire design function.

Our design services include the creation of mood boards, trend research, fabric research and design, collection development, project design, print and embroidery design, colour proposals and full garment design with trims and measurement specs.

Our designer has great experience having worked for Scandinavian and European brands, and for each project we provide a strong individual signature, which fits your brand and your needs.

Combining this service with our sourcing services, we provide customised styling, fabrics and prints that fit your specific needs.

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Service Inspection

Our inspection service is included in the sourcing service concept, but is also offered as a separate service to brands, who only need inspection of goods in Portugal or India.

We are used to working with comprehensive manuals and will report to our customers as they wish. Our controllers will do initial, intermediate and final in-line inspection of your products in manufacturing. We can manage lab testing processes at external accredited labs and will improve your quality and compliance through our technical assistance.

Win-Win Textiles has experienced staff in pattern making, sewing and production techniques, and we will create custom quality control. We assess your quality using your own criteria, our criteria or standard criteria ISO-2859-1(AQL) to conduct sampling.

We can establish day fees or hourly fees. Please contact us for a quote.

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Besides our sourcing, design and inspection services, Win-Win Textiles offers other consulting services and can help your brand create a vendor manual, form policies on CSR, implement routines to secure legislation is complied with at your vendors, train your staff in technical production aspects, help create a sourcing strategy and turn your company more sustainable.

Our assistance can be structured exactly to your needs. Even if you just need us to set you up with a manufacturer without further involvement, or if you just want some advice on how to turn specific products more sustainable.

Win-Win Textiles conducts seminars on environmental and social aspects of garment production to make companies more aware of their footprint and how they can reduce it. We can design a seminar to your needs in digital form or by our presence at your premises.

We offer programs to make manufacturers more market oriented, determine their competitiveness and the quality of their products and services in relation to the price and today’s market conditions.

We can set fees for well-defined projects, we can set an hourly rate and Win-Win Textiles will find solutions that suit your needs. Please contact us to discuss the structure.

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