JERSEYWEAR Win-Win Textiles provides a very specialised and well-sourced product range in circular knits from the industry in Portugal and India. We work with vertical manufacturers as well as smaller specialised production units, and we have a high level of knowledge on the manufacturing and behaviour of circular [...]

Woven garments


WOVEN GARMENTS Win-Win Textiles works with a competitive and skilled group of responsible manufacturers of woven garments in Portugal and India. In both countries, we work with shirts, blouses, dresses, skirts and jumpsuits, and in Portugal also with pants, jackets, outerwear and tailoring. Both Portugal and India offer premium [...]

Leather garments


LEATHER GARMENTS Win-Win Textiles sources premium leather apparel through vertical manufacturing partners in India. India has one of the largest livestock populations in the world, providing a strong raw material base in buffalo, cow, calf, goat, lamb and sheep leather. The skins are procured as a bi-product from the [...]



ALPACA Win-Win Textiles offers a wide range of Alpaca products, and we work with the two biggest groups of Alpaca producers in the world, based in Peru. The Alpaca is part of an ancient Peruvian heritage, and the animal was domesticated 5,000 years ago. Our product range covers Alpaca [...]



SEAMLESS Win-Win Textiles offers solutions in Portugal with state of the art machinery for seamless production. Seamless products are created on digital jacquard machines with graphic software, creating unlimited design possibilities, mixtures of knit structures and products with natural fibres, synthetic and functional fibres and finishes. We have [...]

Swim & Athleisure


SWIM & ATHLEISURE Win-Win Textiles offers solutions in Portugal for women's and men's swimwear in a variety of premium knitted and woven fabrics. Our product range includes bikinis, swim suits, briefs, tops and swim trunks. We work with the best fabric suppliers of woven fabrics, knitted polyester and [...]



DENIM Win-Win Textiles works with skilled denim garment manufacturers in Portugal, offering a big variety of products within jeans, jackets, jumpsuits and garment dyed items. We work with laundry houses offering natural dyes, e-flow and ozone washing to create special effects with lower impact, using much less water [...]



BAGS Win-Win Textiles works with a group of premium manufacturers in India and Portugal of bags, purses, wallets, clutches, belts and computer and smartphone covers for women and men. We use the best leather materials as well as a variety of fabrics, ropes, metals, feathers, vinyl, plastic, stones, [...]

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