A sincere welcome to our new on-line presence. It is my hope that this initiative will bring more digital interaction with our customer brands, other brands, manufacturers and parties interested in our sourcing concepts and services. Above all, I hope to increase our network of partners pushing for systemic change in the fashion industry

We have developed this site to create better tools for e-sourcing and virtual meetings. Apart from listing a lot of information on our business and service concepts, we have created very easy tools to meet and open a dialogue. It is easy for you to book a meeting and visit our showroom, where we present our products and sourcing concepts from Portugal and India.

In our showroom, you can read about our sustainable concepts, and we will prepare our showroom for a specific season or theme when we meet with brands. You can see a showroom video, where we show our ideas, you can browse the fabrics we have prepared and order swatches, and you can see our new developments. We will link all this to sustainability and try to create more transparency and take more responsibility – and make you take more responsibility, too.

I hope we have created a better way to interact with our customers and interested parties as we aim at making the complex discussion about sustainability more nuanced. In the Sustainable Concepts section under Showroom, we explain our opinion on sustainable concepts for different fibres. This is designed to guide you and give you ideas for the right material strategy. How good is recycled polyester? What is the best approach for cotton? Which options are the best for other cellulose fibres? Polyester, cotton and other cellulose fibres are the biggest in textiles and garments, they are all environmentally problematic and represent a tremendous use of resources, which we will not have available in the near future.

More than 30 years in the industry has humbled me and made me realise that nothing comes easy. There are no easy solutions or quick fixes, and we are confronted with the biggest challenges we have ever faced in our industry. On top of that, the COVID-19 pandemic, which was largely underestimated, has given us a pause to think and re-think. Most businesses are hugely challenged.

Still, I feel that this is the most exciting time I have experienced in our business. I have a lot of opinions and ideas that I would love to discuss with you.

So, don’t hesitate getting in touch.