The waste created by different industries represent valuable resources. In this recycling project we use waste from the textile industry, garment industry and textiles from the automotive industry, mainly. The input is a mix of scraps from non-woven, woven and knitted fabrics, knitwear, yarns and fibres.

The input materials are sorted by composition and colour for mechanical recycling. We can handle projects using residues from brands and turning these into new products. There is a variety of options available in relation to yarn output, which can be discussed case by case and we can create transparent and traceable supply chain around such projects.

Based on our existing circuit, we offer a nice range of products seen in the photos here. All is made of 100% recycled yarn in a mix of compositions, which you can see in the photos above and in the brochure, downloadable here below. We work with yarn colour cards and can guarantee continuity as the input stock level is high in colours and a variety of compositions. We focus on recycled wool as the main component in our range and we offer the products with GRS certification.

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Download our brochure here.