Win-Win Textiles sources premium leather apparel through vertical manufacturing partners in India. India has one of the largest livestock populations in the world, providing a strong raw material base in buffalo, cow, calf, goat, lamb and sheep leather. The skins are procured as a bi-product from the food industry.

Besides working with Indian hides and skins, Win-Win Textiles works with imported skins from the Middle East, Africa, New Zealand and Australia, which are tanned and finished in India.

Beam House operations, tanning, post tanning operations and the finishing is managed under strict internal control, allowing for a high level of security in terms of the use of chemicals, compliance, timing and quality of products.

We work with chrome and vegetable tanning through CSR-certified manufacturers, manufacturers rated by the Leather Working Group and holding ISO14001 environmental certification. We have interesting concepts of chrome and metal free leather.

With our partners, we make apparel for women and men at different price levels in relation to materials, always focusing on quality and a good standard of workmanship.

Win-Win Textiles is specialised in stretch nappa and stretch suede leathers and work with a large variety of finishes, dyes, washes, metallic dyes, sprays, oiling, waxing, aniline, semi-aniline, suede, printing, embroidering, braiding, hand work, quilting, down proof padding and quilting.