Win-Win Textiles offers solutions for sneakers and shoe manufacturing in vegan materials. We have sourced a nice selection of faux leathers, which is produced in Europe with high quality and partly bio-based. Part of the materials are recycled and part of the synthetic materials in coatings or micro materials have been substituted by plant based materials, such as grape marc, corn, cactus. We work with anti-microbial treatments and have also created a selection of soles, which are made from recycled rubber.

This way we can create shoes, where the upper materials and the soles use as little as 30% new synthetic materials or new natural rubber.

We are in sneaker production also using upper materials, which are reused fabrics, previously produced for e.g. car seats. The faux leather materials can be sourced partly from standard colour cards, partly from custom made colours. Generally, we need 300 pcs as minimum in production, but can potentially analyze lower production runs.

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