Our Portuguese partners have developed a 100% natural and organic dye based on regenerative principles. Dyes are developed from food waste, roots, leaves, wood and seed extracts, where 50% is of Portuguese origin. The entire process from selection, control and development of dyes to delivering the final product all take place in Portugal.

Among others, we use used ground coffee, onion shells, wood chips from furniture production, eucalyptus, beech, walnut, sappenwood, urucum, rubia and mulberry.

The dye process uses less water, no chemicals and less energy with little need for waste water treatment. It has been designed for brands who would like to create products, which are completely natural and ecological as well as biodegradable. The solid residues after dyeing go through a 4-5 month composting process and are used in agriculture as a fertilizer afterwards. Please refer to the process chart in the photos, where you can also get an idea of the available shades.

These dyes are in conformity with GOTS and ZDHC and are fully traceable.

We can create prints with the same pigments from onion shells as we use for the dye.

Please contact us on info@win-win.info or via the contact form to get more information.

Download our brochure here.