Project Description



Win-Win Textiles works with a skilled and flexible group of knitwear manufacturers in Portugal. We work with a range from 1,5gg to 18gg knits and 21gg to 30gg on Bentley Cotton machines with a very diverse yarn offer procured internationally. Our product range includes many blends with cotton, viscose, bamboo, linen, wool, boiled wool, cashmere, angora, alpaca, mohair, silk, polyester, acrylic, polyamide and with good facilities for printing, embroidering, handwork, garment dye and washing.

With a vast assortment of yarns and garment processing techniques, our customers’ designers will find the latest trends to work with in the creation of their collections. As with all product categories, we offer many sustainable material choices, sourced responsibly through European manufacturers.

Besides our European sourcing, Win-Win Textiles offers production of knitwear in organic Alpaca wool, either without dye in the natural hair colours of the Alpacas or dyed with minimal impact, using the closest match of natural hair colours, overdyed to match our customers’ colour standards. Our manufacturing partners are currently working on a responsible standard for Alpaca wool production with Textile Exchange. Our projects and products are fully respecting animal welfare and local traditions with addition of modern manufacturing skills.