Project Description



Win-Win Textiles sources quality leather and fabric footwear in Portugal for men and women. We have great and flexible footwear vendors for vegan products based on European materials, mainly from Italy and Spain. These are both coated materials with recycled components and bio mass material, as well as fully synthetic micro materials of high quality.

We offer a complete service in cooperation with skilled footwear manufacturers and assist our customers in sourcing a wide variety of constructions, materials, components, soles and heels.

Our manufacturers mostly work with the following constructions: Cemented, Blake Stitch, Side Wall Stitch, California, True Tubular Moccasin, Heels Attached, Stitch & Turn and Strobel.

Outsoles used are of leather, rubber, thermoplastic rubber, PVC/Leather, Polyurethane or Micro. We have very interesting solutions for soles with recycled rubber.

Our customers will find flexible solutions throughout the process of material sourcing, product development and production.

In collaboration with our embroidery manufacturers in India, we create very unique footwear for the luxury market with hand embroideries and special materials. For instance, leather sandals with embroidery appliqué on leather, embellished suede espadrilles, embellished leather ballerinas, suede and leather boots with hand embroidered bootlegs and pumps with handmade appliqués.